Mobile Detailing Vs Fixed Site Detailing

Mobile detailing is an emerging business in the US. The business is booming like anything else, which is why top mobile detailers are finding tough competition from the newbies. If the experienced campaigners show any sign of complacency, then they can bid adieu to their existing customers. Mobile detailing is basically a business that involves car wash, repair, and restoration at the customer’s site. Mobile detailers design a special vehicle, which is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the aforementioned tasks. Just how popular mobile detailers are, the popularity of fixed-site detailers is equally high.

You will find a number of fixed-site detailers specializing in wholesale detailing or retail detail or both services. A wide number of fixed-site detailers have accounts with used and new car dealerships, which offer them with lots of work, and it is needless to write that more work brings in more revenue for the company. An efficient and reputed fixed-site retailer will do the prep work for all new cars at the local dealerships or share some work with some friendly detail shops.

Moreover, you will also find many trade-ins for new and used car lots. If the shop is packed with cars and customers, then it obviously means that they are doing great in terms of business. They must be having great quality, competitive rates, and other necessary features. The business of mobile detailers can also be judged on the same factors, but they instead of having a large influx of customers will get a large number of calls for service. Both types offer the same kind of services, but even then, there are lots of differences between the two.


Where fixed detailers make use of heavy-duty pressure washers, water extractors, vacuum cleaners and a gamut of chemicals and other equipment, mobile detailers will use compact and portable tools that are easy to carry.

Waste Water

Where fixed detailers store and treat water, while disposing of untreated water into the water corporation sewer system, mobile detailers dispose of the water and chemicals via the stormwater system or groundwater system.


In fixed detailing service, there will always be a team, who will take care of specific tasks. There will be a team leader as well, who will manage all the activities. In mobile detailing, sometimes it is one individual who is managing everything, which makes the person responsible but adds to the pressure as well.


Where fixed detailers have the capability to remain open 365 days without any issue, mobile detailers, on the other hand, can’t operate in storms, blizzards, and other harsh weather conditions.


In fixed-site detailing, customers are told to drop-off and pick-up their car from the shop. Some companies arrange for the same as well. Whereas, in mobile detailing, it is the professionals, who go to the customer’s site and do the job, which is more convenient.