How To Tow A Car With A Rope?

Your car is down, and a Good Samaritan offers help to get you out of this bad situation with a rope. Should you let him do it?

What kind of rope?

It is indeed possible to tow your car with a rope, but not just any. A car weighs on average 1300 kilos or 2900 lbs. The only ropes that can support this weight are ropes and straps designed specifically for towing or a tow truck Lakeland. Not only they possess a resistance to carry out this laborious work, but also the hooks that connect to the anchoring points of the cars.

If you use another type of rope, it may break. An ordinary rope can only help you if you get stuck in the snow or mud.

Can we tow a car with another car?

Yes, but again, under certain conditions. First, make sure that the towing vehicle can support the load of your car. Compact cars can pull about 500kg or 1100L lbs, and intermediaries have a towing capacity that can go beyond 1000kg or 2200 lbs.

With these two pieces of information (the weight of the car pulled and the towing capacity of the other vehicle), plus the capacity of the rope or strap used, you have everything in hand to make a decision about whether to make shoot your car.

What is the technique?

1.  Hook the strap or rope securely to the anchor points of both vehicles.

2.  One of the drivers must ride in the vehicle that will be pulled to ensure control.

3.  Turn on the emergency lights of the car pulled.

4.  Make sure the brakes and steering are functional so that the pulled car can be controlled.

5.  The driver of the car pulled must press the brake so that the strap or rope remains tight, and to prevent the inertia propels it on the towing vehicle.

6.  Once en route, drive on the secondary roads at low speed.

7.  Drive as slowly as possible and do not go long distances; just go to the nearest garage.

8.  Stay in constant communication with the driver of the other vehicle.

Useful information

1.  Cars having four-wheel drive have a greater towing capacity than rear-drive cars.

2.  Do not attempt to start your car while it is being pulled, it could cause a collision with the towing vehicle.

3.  Never tie a rope after the bumper, it will not hold up!

4.  Although we do not expect that, some “luxurious” cars have the amazing towing capacity.

If you have the opportunity to do so, call a professional to have your car towed. This procedure should only be used for very short distances and as a last resort.