How To Tow A Car With A Rope?

Your car is down, and a Good Samaritan offers help to get you out of this bad situation with a rope. Should you let him do it?

What kind of rope?

It is indeed possible to tow your car with a rope, but not just any. A car weighs on average 1300 kilos or 2900 lbs. The only ropes that can support this weight are ropes and straps designed specifically for towing or a tow truck Lakeland. Not only they possess a resistance to carry out this laborious work, but also the hooks that connect to the anchoring points of the cars.

If you use another type of rope, it may break. An ordinary rope can only help you if you get stuck in the snow or mud.

Can we tow a car with another car?

Yes, but again, under certain conditions. First, make sure that the towing vehicle can support the load of your car. Compact cars can pull about 500kg or 1100L lbs, and intermediaries have a towing capacity that can go beyond 1000kg or 2200 lbs.

With these two pieces of information (the weight of the car pulled and the towing capacity of the other vehicle), plus the capacity of the rope or strap used, you have everything in hand to make a decision about whether to make shoot your car.

What is the technique?

1.  Hook the strap or rope securely to the anchor points of both vehicles.

2.  One of the drivers must ride in the vehicle that will be pulled to ensure control.

3.  Turn on the emergency lights of the car pulled.

4.  Make sure the brakes and steering are functional so that the pulled car can be controlled.

5.  The driver of the car pulled must press the brake so that the strap or rope remains tight, and to prevent the inertia propels it on the towing vehicle.

6.  Once en route, drive on the secondary roads at low speed.

7.  Drive as slowly as possible and do not go long distances; just go to the nearest garage.

8.  Stay in constant communication with the driver of the other vehicle.

Useful information

1.  Cars having four-wheel drive have a greater towing capacity than rear-drive cars.

2.  Do not attempt to start your car while it is being pulled, it could cause a collision with the towing vehicle.

3.  Never tie a rope after the bumper, it will not hold up!

4.  Although we do not expect that, some “luxurious” cars have the amazing towing capacity.

If you have the opportunity to do so, call a professional to have your car towed. This procedure should only be used for very short distances and as a last resort.

Towing Your Bike Yourself Or Hire Professionals?

You go on a trip and you want to bring your bike. Excellent! Do you buy a trailer, rent it, or have your motorcycle transported?

Buy a trailer

When you own a motorcycle, it may happen from time to time that you have to take it somewhere without being able to drive it. Having a trailer is very useful because you might need it more than once.

Obviously, you will have to pay quite a large amount. However, you will make your purchase profitable after a few uses, and it could also serve you in many different situations. In addition, you can buy a second-hand trailer in order to save a few more bucks.

Utility trailer

First, there are flatbed trailers, or utility trailers, which are very versatile. You can add a wheel stabilizer if you do not already have one. It is, of course, necessary to securely fasten the motorcycle to the trailer with ratchet straps so that it does not move and is not damaged. These trailers are often large enough to fit two motorcycles.

You need to keep in mind not to put a cover on a motorcycle that will be transported on an open trailer. The wind will cause great vibrations on the cover, which will rub the bike and damage it.

  • Remember to validate the weight of your motorcycle in relation to the capacity of the trailer.

Closed trailer

If you’re going out on a trip in winter and want to carry your motorcycle or want to tow one or more motorcycles, consider the closed trailer. Although more expensive, it will protect your precious possession in a better way.

Rent a trailer

If you’ve just bought a motorcycle and need to pick it up, leave for just two or three days, or move, renting is a very affordable option. In such situations, the purchase of the trailer (and trailer hitch for your car) is not justified, especially if you don’t plan to use the trailer later.

  • It is also a good solution if you do not have space to leave a trailer on your property.

Have your motorcycle transported

There are towing and transportation companies that offer motorbike transportation as part of their services.

These companies can carry your motorcycles from one corner of the country to another in case you plan to spend some time in that new place. This saves you from having to travel by car and getting a trailer during your stay. They are more economical than hiring a tow truck.

It’s the ideal solution for those who want peace of mind, but it’s also a trouble-free service especially when they are in a delicate situation, such as a mechanical breakdown or accident.

Therefore, you have to evaluate your needs, and weigh the pros and cons of each option available to you before deciding to buy or rent a trailer, or to appeal to motorcycle towing professionals.

Mobile Detailing Vs Fixed Site Detailing

Mobile detailing is an emerging business in the US. The business is booming like anything else, which is why top mobile detailers are finding tough competition from the newbies. If the experienced campaigners show any sign of complacency, then they can bid adieu to their existing customers. Mobile detailing is basically a business that involves car wash, repair, and restoration at the customer’s site. Mobile detailers design a special vehicle, which is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the aforementioned tasks. Just how popular mobile detailers are, the popularity of fixed-site detailers is equally high.

You will find a number of fixed-site detailers specializing in wholesale detailing or retail detail or both services. A wide number of fixed-site detailers have accounts with used and new car dealerships, which offer them with lots of work, and it is needless to write that more work brings in more revenue for the company. An efficient and reputed fixed-site retailer will do the prep work for all new cars at the local dealerships or share some work with some friendly detail shops.

Moreover, you will also find many trade-ins for new and used car lots. If the shop is packed with cars and customers, then it obviously means that they are doing great in terms of business. They must be having great quality, competitive rates, and other necessary features. The business of mobile detailers can also be judged on the same factors, but they instead of having a large influx of customers will get a large number of calls for service. Both types offer the same kind of services, but even then, there are lots of differences between the two.


Where fixed detailers make use of heavy-duty pressure washers, water extractors, vacuum cleaners and a gamut of chemicals and other equipment, mobile detailers will use compact and portable tools that are easy to carry.

Waste Water

Where fixed detailers store and treat water, while disposing of untreated water into the water corporation sewer system, mobile detailers dispose of the water and chemicals via the stormwater system or groundwater system.


In fixed detailing service, there will always be a team, who will take care of specific tasks. There will be a team leader as well, who will manage all the activities. In mobile detailing, sometimes it is one individual who is managing everything, which makes the person responsible but adds to the pressure as well.


Where fixed detailers have the capability to remain open 365 days without any issue, mobile detailers, on the other hand, can’t operate in storms, blizzards, and other harsh weather conditions.


In fixed-site detailing, customers are told to drop-off and pick-up their car from the shop. Some companies arrange for the same as well. Whereas, in mobile detailing, it is the professionals, who go to the customer’s site and do the job, which is more convenient.

Safety Tips for motorcyclists

A motorcycle accident kills nearly 2,000 U.S. motorcyclists each year, leaving an additional 50,000 injured each year in traffic collisions. There are several ways to reduce the inherent risk of riding, from driving techniques to safety gear. This is a list of simple ways to significantly improve your safety and the safety of others while riding your motorcycle.

Take training courses. One of the most effective tasks a motorcyclist can have is professional riding training in an off-street environment. In addition to training for beginners, there are advanced courses on traffic strategies, effective turning, efficient braking, and stimulation techniques. The Rider Course is one of the nationally recognized motorcycle safety training companies. To find a course near you, visit ONLINE and search nearby for you and get tips from our blog.
Always wear a helmet. Always wearing helmets is important because they significantly reduce the likelihood of traumatic brain injury and death as a result of a crash. The best helmets are full coverage. These should fit very easily, but not too tightly, and must show a dot sticker, which ensures that the helmet complies with the requirements of the Department of Transportation.
Wear protective clothing. Protective motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, and gloves can protect your body from road cracks and deformation in the event of an accident.
Wear high-visibility gear. The biggest threat to motorcyclists is automobile drivers. Due to the size and agility of motorcycles, these are more difficult to find on the road. High visibility, the reflective vest will make it easier for motorists to see and thus reduce your chances of a driver.
Protect your eyes and ears. Your windshield alone is not enough protection. Dirt or glass spaces can whip around this barrier and cause permanent damage by entering your eyes at high speed. If your helmet does not have a visor, experts recommend wearing sheeter-proof riding goggles. Likewise, experts suggest you protect your hearing from higher engines, including earplugs or noise reduction headsets.

Best types of Motorcycles

Chopper motorcycles are the ultimate alternative to customized bikes

When the basic requirements are met, people take the opportunity to customize and upgrade to a new level. It is available in every field of life. One of the basic necessities of living is to require food, shelter, and clothing. After completing all of these, there are later transportation, style, travel, entertainment, and many other options. Each of these sectors has some basic requirements and additional features are created once it is met. In the field of transportation, through years of study and research, various modes of transportation are developed. Bicycles, bikes or motorbikes are a national type of two types and in some cases three-wheeled. Then came a number of other types of motorbikes and cars. However, the two-wheel type is still available in various sizes.

Motorcycles are available in various forms and genres from different manufacturers. Each type of vehicle has different types to suit different purposes. Some are made for remote travel, while others are used for travel, cruising, off-road and racing, etc. Etc. Different rallies are also arranged in different areas, where special assembly bikes are used. Through continuous research and study in the production of motorbikes, over the years, a variety of styles and customization options are made. Some are meant for extra strength to withstand difficult roads and heights, others are made for stylish and trendy generations for smooth roads. There is a separate space for helicopters between different types of motorcycles. They still exist with great demand. Helicopters are the ultimate customization of the bike from certain featured and specific producing brands. This form of the customized bike is considered to be the pinnacle of all custom styles and specially modified steering angles, length forks for extended presence are available. They are either from scratch or manufactured by existing original motorcycles. Some of the features that can be found in signature chapters are CC Bar, Extended Wrinkle, Hardtail Frame, etc.

For bike enthusiasts, Helica is a dream and customized bike to get a variety of options, Chopper motorcycles for sale is the perfect destination. Helicopter manufacturers bring unique and latest make choppers for bike lovers. Whether one buys or not, one can look at the latest and final custom-made bike and plan to buy a motorcycle or helicopter in the future.