Towing Your Bike Yourself Or Hire Professionals?

You go on a trip and you want to bring your bike. Excellent! Do you buy a trailer, rent it, or have your motorcycle transported?

Buy a trailer

When you own a motorcycle, it may happen from time to time that you have to take it somewhere without being able to drive it. Having a trailer is very useful because you might need it more than once.

Obviously, you will have to pay quite a large amount. However, you will make your purchase profitable after a few uses, and it could also serve you in many different situations. In addition, you can buy a second-hand trailer in order to save a few more bucks.

Utility trailer

First, there are flatbed trailers, or utility trailers, which are very versatile. You can add a wheel stabilizer if you do not already have one. It is, of course, necessary to securely fasten the motorcycle to the trailer with ratchet straps so that it does not move and is not damaged. These trailers are often large enough to fit two motorcycles.

You need to keep in mind not to put a cover on a motorcycle that will be transported on an open trailer. The wind will cause great vibrations on the cover, which will rub the bike and damage it.

  • Remember to validate the weight of your motorcycle in relation to the capacity of the trailer.

Closed trailer

If you’re going out on a trip in winter and want to carry your motorcycle or want to tow one or more motorcycles, consider the closed trailer. Although more expensive, it will protect your precious possession in a better way.

Rent a trailer

If you’ve just bought a motorcycle and need to pick it up, leave for just two or three days, or move, renting is a very affordable option. In such situations, the purchase of the trailer (and trailer hitch for your car) is not justified, especially if you don’t plan to use the trailer later.

  • It is also a good solution if you do not have space to leave a trailer on your property.

Have your motorcycle transported

There are towing and transportation companies that offer motorbike transportation as part of their services.

These companies can carry your motorcycles from one corner of the country to another in case you plan to spend some time in that new place. This saves you from having to travel by car and getting a trailer during your stay. They are more economical than hiring a tow truck.

It’s the ideal solution for those who want peace of mind, but it’s also a trouble-free service especially when they are in a delicate situation, such as a mechanical breakdown or accident.

Therefore, you have to evaluate your needs, and weigh the pros and cons of each option available to you before deciding to buy or rent a trailer, or to appeal to motorcycle towing professionals.